Cars break, and finding an honest, high quality car repair service can be a challenge. You want to make sure to trust your car to someone who will be honest, upfront and who will do a high quality job so you can be back on the road. Auto repair shops come in all shapes and sizes and as we all know, some are more reputable than others. Yet, there are great mechanics out there who truly want to do what is best for their customers. Here at Clegg Auto – American Fork, we strive to be honest and up front with our customers about our auto repair services. To help with that mission, here are seven things that we recommend people look for when choosing a place to take their car.


Experience is key in the auto repair industry. Cars are complex, and It takes years of experience and working on a wide variety of cars to have the skills needed to work on the many different kinds of repairs that can come up. Auto mechanic shops with years in business generally have experienced staff and mechanics and are generally more reliable as customers have continued to return to them for years. When looking for a repair shop, feel free to ask how long they have been in business and their years of experience in the industry. In some cases, you may even want to check to make sure they have experience working on your model of vehicle. Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective mechanic questions about their experience or their establishment. A good mechanic will be concerned about their customer and will want to make sure you feel comfortable entrusting them with your vehicle.

Knowledge and Certifications

Knowledge is a second major factor in finding a good mechanic. A good car repair institution must have the knowledge to work on a variety of cars and to diagnose and solve a variety of repair problems accurately and efficiently. A good mechanic may have knowledge about and offer a wide variety of services, or may specialize in just a few. But no matter the amount of services they offer, it goes without saying that you want to make sure they are knowledgeable in what they are doing. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) tests and certifies auto repair mechanics and requires at least 2 years of on the job training and passing an exam to obtain certification. Certifications also must be renewed every five years. Looking for a mechanic with the ASE certification can be a great way to know you are dealing with someone who has worked to obtain the knowledge needed to do a good job. 


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are critical in the automotive world and looking for a place where others have had a good experience can be a great indicator of a good place to go. Make sure to look online at the shop’s website or check to see if they have Google Reviews, any awards or recognitions, or if they are listed on the Better Business Bureau. These are just a few places to go to review a particular shop’s customer reviews to see what others have experienced. Remember to take in consideration when reading customer reviews that generally only people with a very positive or negative experience submit a review, and because of this you may be getting the more extreme end of people’s experience. But if the business is generally getting positive reviews you can feel confident they are probably a good option to choose. 


For those who really want to dig deep, you may also consider asking those who own big business fleets in the area where they go to service their cars. Fleet vehicles and business vehicles that are critical to operations need to be reliable, and it stands to reason that those people will likely know the best places to go for car repair services. 



Car repair shops that offer warranties can also be an indication of reliability as a warranty indicates confidence in their work. Feel free to ask your mechanic if they offer any warranty service and what the limits are. Not all mechanics will offer warranties, and this does not necessarily indicate a dishonest or unreliable job. However, for those that do offer warranties, this can be an added assurance as you know that the company will stand by their work.


Working on cars is messy! Despite this reality, the most reliable mechanics that take their work seriously will make sure to maintain as clean and professional of an establishment as possible. Cleanliness and orderliness not only ensure safety for both the staff and customers, but also indicate a sense of pride in their work. Don’t be too picky when it comes to cleanliness, as oil,  grease and messy tools are a reality in the world of working on cars. But if the shop appears orderly and professional and has a friendly and clean atmosphere that is a small thing that can be a huge indicator of the quality of work that you can expect to receive.


Location is also a key factor to consider as you will probably want to try to find a repair service located relatively close to where you reside or work. This makes it easier for you to handle needed repairs with as little inconvenience as possible. Look for someone who demonstrates some of the other above characteristics of reliability and who has a convenient location for you. You will likely feel much less stressed about needing to get a repair done if you can drop off your vehicle at a convenient location.

Professionalism and Customer Service

Lastly, trustworthy mechanics will exhibit good customer service and professionalism so they can keep your business for the long haul. Simple things like a smile, clear communication, listening to your concerns, and giving you realistic estimates on the time to complete the repair and costs associated are factors that indicate a high quality mechanic. Ultimately, a good mechanic will want to build a relationship of trust with you so that you in turn will trust them with future repairs. Consider testing out a shop on a small job first, to gain insight into their customer service and work. This will help you know if it is a place you want to go back to when a major repair comes. Really, the best time to find a good mechanic is before you need one, and assessing a shop’s service before you need it can be a great way to eliminate stress and bad experiences later on. 



A few other factors that can differentiate one car repair location from another are the services they offer in addition to repairs. Some establishments will offer loaner cars as needed, or will offer other services such as towing, tire service, emissions testing, and other services. These can be a convenient way to take care of all of your car needs in one convenient location, and can also be an indicator of someone who is very invested in the auto industry. Ultimately, you will want to look for someone who can best meet your needs and do a reliable job. Cars will break from time to time, as that is the nature of life. But taking the time to invest in finding a reliable car repair service will save you lots of stress and hassle later on. 


About Clegg Auto

We at Clegg Auto in American Fork are a family owned and operated business that seeks to develop long lasting relationships with our customers. We want to serve others and genuinely find joy in what we do. We believe that doing what is best for customers is doing what is best for us, and we strive to correctly diagnose and repair problems honestly and efficiently so that you can get back to doing what you love without worrying about your car. 

We offer a wide variety of auto repair services and have over 17 years of experience in the industry. We have experience with all makes and models and have ASE certified mechanics who continuously receive training so that they are always up to date on technology and repair issues and can offer you a top notch experience at a much cheaper price than a dealership. We can service fleet vehicles and have top notch customer reviews. We have also been rated Best Auto Repair by Utah Valley magazine for over 5 consecutive years. We strive to keep a clean and professional shop and we stand by our work with a warranty of 2 years or 24,000 miles on many repairs. Feel free to visit our homepage to learn more about our services or give us a call today! We would love to know how we can help you with your car repair needs.