Your brakes are one of the most important systems in your car, and making sure you have fully functioning brakes is vital to your safety and the safety of others on the road. Here at Clegg Auto, we are a full service auto repair establishment and provide a wide range of services for brake repair. If you feel like something is a little off with your brakes, let us help you inspect your brake system and make sure you are safely good to go. We will provide a full diagnosis and only recommend things that actually need to be fixed. We also do preventative maintenance such as changing brake pads to keep your car running in top shape and lasting for a long time. Read below to learn more about a few of the services we offer for brake service and repair, as well as how we at Clegg Auto can be your trusted and reliable brake repair mechanic. 

How Do I Know if My Brakes Need to be Checked? 

The brake system is complicated and there are a lot of moving parts that work together to bring your car to a stop on the road. While you may not be able to fully anticipate every problem that may occur, you can watch for several warning signs that your brakes need to be checked. Here are a few to look for, and if you experience any of these signs, visit your trusted mechanic to get your brakes checked. 

  1. Dashboard Brake Light Is On

This is the warning indicator on the dashboard that is designed to let you know if your brake system isn’t functioning properly. If this light comes on repeatedly, it is definitely time to get your brakes checked. 

  1. Brakes Grinding, Squealing or Sticking

This often indicates that your brake pads need to be changed, or that you potentially have a rotor issue. 

  1. Squishy Brake Pedal or Slow Brake Response 

This often means that there is air in your brake lines and your lines need to be checked and the fluid potentially replaced. 

These are just a few of the most common brake problems and you may experience many others. Trust yourself and as you get to know your car, you will be able to know when something is wrong. If you feel like something is wrong, go see your mechanic just to be safe. The little extra time and money to check out your brakes will be well worth it for keeping you safe on the road. 

Brake Repair Services at Clegg Auto

Clegg Auto offers a comprehensive solution for brake service and repair. No matter your problem, we likely have an expert mechanic who can help you diagnose and fix it. Brake systems are complicated and you don’t need to know exactly what is wrong to come and see us. We will do a full system examination, and we won’t recommend repairs that you don’t need. We will also take the time to explain exactly what is going on with your brakes so that you can better understand your car and know how to keep it running well. Our goal is to do what is best for you and your car so you will trust us as your experts for all your car repair needs. Below is some information on the most common services that we offer for brakes to help you learn more about brake service and how we can help you. If you feel like something isn’t right with your brakes, but aren’t sure what you need, let us help you today! 

Brake Fluid Exchange

The brake fluid is what keeps all of the moving parts in your brakes well lubricated and running smoothly. However, if any dirt or air bubbles get in the brake fluid, it can cause serious problems for your brakes including a “squishy” brake pedal and having to push very hard to get the car to stop. To get rid of the dirt or air bubbles and make sure you have clean brake fluid, we will drain the old fluid out of your lines and replace it with new fluid, in what is called brake fluid exchange.  Brake fluid exchange is also known as “bleeding” the brake lines, and is usually done after any major repair service, as well as if you are having any issues with soft braking.

We also help with issues with brake lines, which are the lines that carry the brake fluid to the system. If a brake line gets a leak or goes out completely, this causes dirt and air bubbles to get in the fluid causing difficulty braking. If a line goes out on the road, you will have a very hard time stopping. This is more of an emergency brake repair situation and if this happens, consider calling a tow truck and coming to visit your mechanic to help you.

Brake Pads Replacement

The brake pads or “shoe” are a metallic like sheet that comes in contact with the rotor to apply friction and help your brakes to stop the car. Typically, brake pads last a maximum of 4 years or 50,000 miles, but the life of your brake pads will vary depending on your vehicle as well as your style of driving. If you are consistently braking hard, your brake pads may wear out faster and you will need to replace them sooner. However, brake pad replacement is generally a preventative maintenance thing that should be done every couple of years to make sure your brakes stay sharp. Typically if you hear squealing, hissing, grinding or feel your brakes sticking this is a good indicator that you need your brake pads changed. You can also check your brake pads at each oil change to make sure they are still good and to have a heads up on when you need to replace them. 

Brake Rotors Replacement

On most new cars, the rotor is a disc on the front wheels of the car that spins as your wheels are spinning. This type of brake is called a front disk brake. As you apply the brake on your car, the rotors slowly stop spinning and help bring the tires to a stop as well. Rotors wear out over time or become warped and occasionally need to be replaced. Sometimes the car will jolt, jar or vibrate when braking when you have a rotor issue. Often if you don’t replace your brake pads regularly this can cause increased wear and tear on your rotors as well, leading them to wear differently on each side or become warped or wear out too fast. For this reason, regular brake checkups and maintenance can save you money in the long run over replacing the rotors, and help you have a longer lasting car. 

Resurface Rotors

Often, rather than replacing worn out rotors, you can simply resurface the rotors, returning them to their normal smooth state. Resurfacing a rotor essentially means removing a small amount of the metal on the outside of the rotor to return a worn out or pitted rotor to a smooth finish that allows for optimal braking. You can typically resurface rotors several times before needing to replace them, and this can be a less expensive solution. However, once the rotor has been resurfaced too much so that it becomes too thin and not up to standard, then it is time for a rotor replacement. At Clegg Auto we can help you with both rotor resurfacing and replacement to make sure you are getting the best value for your money and the longest lasting brake system possible. 

ABS System Service and Repair

The ABS stands for Anti-Lock Brake System and is designed to help you maintain control of your car when you brake suddenly and helps to reduce braking distance as well. Sometimes if the ABS warning light indicator comes on in your dashboard, it can indicate a potential problem with your ABS system. Before visiting your mechanic, try turning off the ignition and turning it on again. This effectively resets the computer, and if the warning light goes away, it may have been a system error. However, if the warning light persists after multiple tries, then it may indicate that something is wrong with your ABS and you may need to visit a mechanic who has a special tool called an ABS system code reader that can help you figure out what is wrong. 

Why Choose Clegg Auto?

These are a few of the services we offer at Clegg Auto for brake system repair or maintenance. Clegg Auto has been in the auto repair industry for over 17 years and we have experience looking at all types of cars and solving all kinds of issues that cars have. Like any machine, these beautiful vehicles that we drive every day wear out or have problems from time to time, and that is why we are here. At Clegg Auto, we want to be the most trustworthy and reliable mechanic you know in Utah Valley, and we have a well earned reputation for serving customers honestly, efficiently, and giving them the best service for their dollar. We are proud of that reputation and want to keep it that way, helping you to get the brake service you need to be back on the road safe and able to go where you need to go. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about who we are and our auto repair and other services. Or visit any of our three locations from Provo, to Spanish Fork and American Fork. No matter where you are in Utah Valley, we can help you get the brake service or repair that you need. Call us today!