Emissions Test

Yes, we do emissions testing! You can take care of your emissions testing right here at our American Fork location. 

Do you have any questions about emissions testing? Give us a call at (801) 756-5070!

Free On The Spot Renewal And Free Courtesy Check 

Here’s a coupon redeemable only at Clegg Auto in American Fork for the following:

  • Free On The Spot (OTS) renewal: Free On The Spot Renewal and courtesy safety inspection with the purchase of an emissions test, with no administration fee. No need to wait in line or waiting for your decal to arrive.
  • Free safety Inspection: Your vehicle will be checked out by our certified technicians to make sure it meets safety requirements for the state of Utah.

Mention Coupon Code AFCleggAutoEmissions2020 in the contact form or on the phone to receive a free on the spot renewal with an emissions test.

How often do I need to take my car in for an emissions test?

Any vehicles six years old and older registered in Utah county are required to pass an emissions test. Emissions testing is done every other year until it reaches 6 years. Then emissions is required every year. Even-numbered model years need an emission test in even-numbered years and odd-numbered model years have to do a test in odd-numbered years. Cars from 1968 and older are not required to pass an emissions test.

What takes place during an emissions test?

Every car releases emissions into the air. Our technicians will test your vehicle to see if its release of emissions is within the limits of Utah county law for vehicle emissions. Technicians will conduct this test by connecting your car to diagnostic equipment. A visual inspection will be done as well.

How long does an emissions test take?

Depending on your vehicle, an emissions test can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

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