Your vehicle needs a working transmission to get you to where you need to go. It doesn’t matter if you drive a minivan, a sporty sedan, or a truck, you need to keep your transmission in great shape. Luckily for you, we have you covered by helping you take care of your transmission repair needs here at Clegg Auto in American Fork, Utah. Our dedicated team knows how to correctly diagnose and repair anything in your vehicle that’s preventing it from performing at its best.

How to maintain a healthy transmission

Understanding how to keep your transmission in great condition is key to preventing expensive transmission repairs and transmission replacements. One of the major keys to maintaining a well-running transmission is with regular transmission fluid changes. Similar to getting consistent oil changes, your transmission needs its fluids replaced as well but not nearly as often as oil changes.

You can significantly improve the life of your transmission with proper transmission maintenance. Our team here at Clegg Auto will be happy to make specific and appropriate recommendations for your car’s needs since every car is different.

Why do transmissions fail?

There are a handful of reasons why transmissions stop working but some of these reasons are more common than others. You occasionally could have an internal component within a transmission fail but it’s pretty rare. What’s more common is old transmission fluid breaking down which prevents the transmission from keeping at a cooler temperature. This results in heat destroying components which can lead to pricier repairs and even a full transmission replacement.

Here’s more information on what a transmission repair is, why it matters, and how to know if you need it:

What is transmission repair?

Fixing your transmission means you’re repairing the system that helps your vehicle shift gears. Taking a broken transmission and bringing it back to life can be pricey but you can have the peace of mind that comes with us not trying to sell you anything you don’t need. 

At Clegg Auto in American Fork, we take care of everything related to transmission repair including the following:

  • Transmission fluid exchange service
  • Transmission replacement
  • Clutch repair for manual transmission

We can take your broken transmission, repair it, and get you and your vehicle back on the road. This is all so you can drive safely to and from your different destinations like work, home, and school.

Why is it important?

Your transmission takes care of transferring your engine’s power to the wheels of your vehicle to get it to move. If your transmission stops working, you’re not able to drive your vehicle. Sure, everything else in your vehicle could be working just fine like your engine and brakes but your transmission needs to work in order to have any sort of power. When your transmission is working, your vehicle will be able to operate safely and effectively.

What causes your transmission to start giving out?

There are different reasons why your transmission can start to quit on you. Some of these reasons your transmission can stop working include:

  • Low or degraded transmission fluid: Transmission fluid is what lubricates the moving parts of your vehicle’s transmission. Both automatic vehicles and manual vehicles need transmission fluid in their transmission to work properly. Without clean, quality transmission fluid, the different parts of your transmission can’t stay cool or properly lubricated.
  • Your clutch master cylinder stopped working (only for vehicles with manual transmission): What is a clutch master cylinder? A clutch master cylinder is one of two master cylinders in your vehicle. The other master cylinder is your brake master cylinder. Your clutch master cylinder is made up of springs, a reservoir, and a piston. When you step on the clutch pedal of a manual vehicle, the clutch master cylinder releases fluid into the clutch slave cylinder.
  • You’re not shifting gears properly when you drive: For you to accelerate or decelerate when you drive, your vehicle needs to be able to shift gears properly. Your vehicle not being able to shift gears smoothly and efficiently may be due to low transmission fluid. Over time, your vehicle not being to perform this action will lead to a great deal of damage inside your vehicle.
  • The torque converter in your automatic transmission no longer works: When a torque converter stops operating, your vehicle’s transmission can stop performing in a handful of ways like slipping.
  • If you have an older vehicle, the shift linkage may be damaged: Older vehicles tend to have this problem more than newer vehicles. This is because newer vehicles tend to have electronically controlled transmissions. Every one of our seasoned technicians will be able to quickly identify if your transmission problems are tied to the shift linkage.

Whether your gears aren’t shifting properly or you have degraded transmission fluid, Clegg Auto is here to help. We’ll quickly help you assess the situation and identify the causes of your broken transmission.

When do you need repair/What are signs you need it?

Now that you know some of the most common causes of a broken transmission, it’s important to know how to identify whether or not you need it repaired. If you start experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, bring your vehicle in right away to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Getting it inspected as soon as possible will help you protect your vehicle from unnecessary repairs but it will also keep you and your family safe on the road. 

If a repair won’t get the job done, Clegg Auto also provides transmission replacement services. You will be consulted on the best course of action regarding your vehicle to ensure you’re not spending more money on repairs than necessary.

Here are a handful of signs that you may need to repair your transmission:

  • Gears not shifting properly: If you can shift gears properly, you can’t drive properly. Your vehicle relies on changing gears in order to change speeds. This problem tends to be a sign that your transmission isn’t working. You’ll want to get your car checked out right away since your transmission can overheat and cause more costly issues.
  • Unusual noises: Is your vehicle making sounds that it doesn’t normally make? You know what your vehicle should sound like whenever you drive it to wherever you need to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re hopping on the freeway or pulling into the gas station to fuel up. Pay attention to any changes in sound.
  • Your engine is running but your vehicle has no power: This is one of the major signs that your transmission needs to be repaired. Since your transmission helps transfer power to your wheels, the lack of power in your vehicle tends to mean your transmission isn’t doing its job. Also, it’s in your best interest to get your vehicle checked since you can’t safely drive if you can’t reliably accelerate or decelerate.
  • Transmission fluid is leaking: Your transmission needs transmission fluid to work so a leak is never good. Transmission fluid can leak from a seal, cooler line, or a gasket. Why does this matter? Leaking transmission fluid can drip on hotter parts of your car which will cause significant damage to your vehicle in the long run.
  • A burning smell: A burning smell is never a smell you want to experience especially when it comes to your vehicle. If you smell any type of burning smell, take your vehicle into Clegg Auto immediately and get it checked by one of our expert mechanics.
  • Newer vehicles have electronic components that control the transmission that need to be replaced: More common for new vehicles, there are electrical components that stop working properly which can cause your vehicle to not shift properly.  A skilled mechanic will be able to diagnose if it’s an electric or mechanical problem causing the transmission not to work properly.  

What should you do if you’re seeing any of the problem signs listed above?

Are your vehicle’s gears not shifting properly? Do you not have any power when you try to accelerate? Has your vehicle been making unusual sounds? If you can answer yes to any of these questions or are experiencing any other symptoms of a broken transmission like a burning smell, it’s time to take action.

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We genuinely love what we do,  we love our team, and we love everyone we have the privilege of serving. Give us an opportunity to assist with your vehicle maintenance and repair needs to get you back on the road right away!