Frequently Asked Questions

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Decide whether insurance is involved, if so, contact your insurance to start a claim. Find a
reputable repair facility and get an estimate for your repairs. The shop you choose can
then work with your insurance to continue the process.

Notify your insurance but file the claim with the insurance of the person at fault.

Choose your repair facility and have the vehicle towed there. The shop can then write the estimate or someone from the insurance can go to the shop to write an estimate.

Your insurance cannot require you to get more than one estimate but if you want to shop around, you can decide to get multiple estimates.

Your insurance cannot require you to drive to their vehicle inspection site (vis), they can send an estimator to you.

If the estimated cost of repairs exceeds the value of your car, it is deemed a “total loss”. In this case, the insurance would give you a check for whatever your vehicle was worth (fair market value) before your collision.

Yes. Only you as the owner can choose where your vehicle is repaired. Your insurance cannot dictate where you get it repaired.  They may have a preferred vendor that has agreed to pre negotiated rates and or agreements regarding used parts. Always ask upfront about agreements with preferred shops and know that you have a choice on where the repair work is done.  Choose the shop that you trust will fight for your best interests and will stand behind their work.

Yes, a quality shop should write the estimate with the same labor rates and total cost whether you use insurance or not.

No, all repairs must be approved by you before the shop can do any work on your vehicle.

Yes, using high-end technology, we are able to match and blend all factory paints and refinishes.  A reputable shop will have a lifetime warranty on their paint work. We offer a lifetime warranty on all paint and body work.

It’s possible, while we try our best to give you a complete estimate of repairs there is always a chance of damage hidden behind the impacted area that may require more repairs than what’s quoted on the initial estimate. If this is the case, we will work with your insurance company on your behalf to make sure all repairs are completed. If you’re not using insurance we will share with you any required additional repairs before we proceed further.

If you’re using insurance, the insurance company is responsible for everything but your deductible if you have one. If the insurance writes you a check for repairs, you are responsible to give that check to the shop.

You’ll pay your deductible to the shop once repairs are complete and you’re satisfied with the repairs.

A quality repair shop should offer a lifetime warranty.  Our shop offers a lifetime warranty on paint and body work for as long as you own the vehicle.

You can always go to your agent to help you and a good shop should be willing to go to bat for you as well. As a last resort, you can go to the Insurance Commission.