Meet Our Experts

Sam Christopherson

Shop Manager


Known around the shop as Sam Wise, he is a dedicated service manager with years of experience. He started working on cars in his dad’s garage since he was just a kid and has been working hard ever since.  His favorite vehicle is his 64½ Ford Falcon, which was his first car, his first restoration and where he started learning about collision repair. He still owns the car! We love Sam and we know you will too.

Madelyn White

Office Admin


Madelyn is one of the first smiling faces you’ll see when you visit Clegg Auto and she is sure to make your day a little brighter. When she was 5, Madelyn dreamed she would grow up to be a professional cowgirl but these days she is loving working with customers and spending her weekends hiking, camping, and even skydiving.

Jose Everado Tafolla

Body tech – Detailer


Always striving for excellence, Ever says the best piece of advice he’s ever received is to be the best at everything he does, and it’s obvious that he’s applied that to his work. He loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch and when no one else is in the car with him, he becomes a race car driver. When he’s not at work, he’s spending time with his adorable baby and wife.

Arliss Huff

Body Tech/Painter


Arliss is one of our newest team members and we love him already. With 20 years of experience, he’s brought lots of knowledge and skills to our shop. When he’s not working on cars here, he’s taking his beloved F-150 on hunting trips, camping trips, and anything else outdoors. We’re so grateful Arliss has joined us and can’t wait for many years of working with him.

Andy Christopherson

Body tech


Andy is the man to go to if you need anything done. Always willing to work hard and get his hands dirty, he does lots of the bodywork for our vehicles and does a fantastic job. If there’s ever a zombie attack, you’ll want him on your team because he says his skills would allow him to live in the mountains with limited supplies. We love working with Andy.

Penni Bills

Office Manager


Penni just recently joined our team but she’s been in the industry for many years and brings lots of knowledge and laughter to our shop. When Penni gets home from work, she’s taking care of her 2 dogs, 1 cat, 5 horses, 1 goat, and preparing for the next rodeo. We’re so grateful to have Penni working with us!