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M – F: By appointment only

About Our Towing Services

Clegg’s Towing offers convenient towing services to all of Utah County. We tow automobiles: everything from small cars to lifted trucks. If you’ve been in an accident, make sure to request Clegg’s Towing and the attending officers will contact us for your towing services.

Our cutting-edge, super clean, and efficient tow trucks are equipped with all of the newest bells and whistles. Our tow (and safety) features include a hydraulic-lift powered tow bed that is nearly 22 feet long! As professionals, we’re licensed and insured meeting all state requirements. Our team is phenomenal, featuring clean drivers who are all BCI criminal background-checked.

At Clegg’s Towing, we pride ourselves on our customer service. As a company, our highest priority is ensuring that everyone has a good experience. We set the standard for all towing services by providing you, our customer, with prompt, professional, and courteous service. To ensure this fact, we hold ourselves accountable for each job. We are WreckMaster Trained and Certified. This means that we have achieved the Seal of Excellence from the towing industry. Needless to say, our knowledge, skills, and versatility enable us to resolve a wide variety of towing predicaments.

If you want to know more about Clegg’s Towing, give us a call at (801) 877-5593! Additionally, if you have a service request, visit or contact us at the number above. For your convenience, you can also fill out the feedback form below to leave comments or questions. We know that as soon as you try us, we will be your first choice for towing and recovery services in Utah County. Our 24/7 service, our care and attention to each job, and our dependability are matched by none. We appreciate your referrals of your family and friends, and we assure you that they will be just as satisfied with Clegg’s Towing!

If you find yourself in need of towing services, make sure to call the towing professionals at Clegg’s Towing. Clegg’s Towing offers super fast pickup and delivery of our customer’s vehicles, wherever they may need them. For service that you know what you can always count on, call Clegg’s Towing. We strive to be the towing company that you can rely on for all of your towing needs.

As stated previously, Clegg’s Towing currently serves all of Utah County. Allow us to assist you in your time of need. Our team is available 24-hours a day, all that we need is your phone call.

Our Process

Our team is highly skilled, trained, and certified. Our personnel will help you get up and running quickly while making sure to keep your vehicle in good shape.

We at Clegg’s Towing pride ourselves with speedy responses to every call. On top of this, our prices are very competitive!

We make it a point to treat everyone with respect. We believe that everyone deserves equal and fair treatment. This is one of the many reasons why our customers consistently rate us so highly.

Our Services

Clegg’s Towing provides towing services for drivers in Provo, Utah, QUICKLY AND WITH PROFESSIONALISM.

We do it all, big or small. Allow us to help with all of your automobile towing services.

Why Do People Choose Us?

As a tow company, we are anything but average. Our customers are our highest priority! We constantly strive to offer extraordinary service for our clients. Safety and quality are constantly on the forefronts of our minds.

When you call Clegg’s towing, you won’t speak to a robot. Our human dispatchers are highly knowledgeable and provide the help you need. During the call, they will give you an accurate quote, and send you the help that you need promptly.

We will call you personally en route, so you will always be kept apprised of our location, and more importantly, when we’ll reach you!