Why are we still open?  While many industries in the country are asked to work from home, auto repair has been deemed an essential business to keep open during this crisis. We are needed to help keep the fleets and individuals working to provide services for those in need.  

We pray for those who are struggling. Now is the time we need to band together and support each other. As we stay open, we are committed to maintaining a sanitary and clean environment to prevent the spread of the virus. 

We have already implemented the following:

  1. No employees working in our environment with any symptoms of illness
  2. Sanitizing all work areas frequently throughout the day
  3. Sanitizing the interior of vehicles upon completion of work
  4. Pick up and drop off of vehicles needing service for those concerned about leaving their homes
  5. Use our dropbox to drop off your vehicle and we can handle everything over the phone!

Clegg Auto opened its doors over 20 years ago.  From day one, we have treated our employees and customers like family.  That hasn’t changed. We Care.

Proactive, Service Options!

Because we want to support the effort to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, for a limited time we are offering additional Services, to help keep you, your loved ones and our team safe! 

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

1.) Can I still have my car serviced or repaired?

Absolutely! And to make your life easier, you have two options!

First: Don’t want to come inside the building? No problem! Use our dropbox to drop off your vehicle and we can handle everything over the phone! Plus, upon completion, our team will sanitize your vehicle!              

Second: Don’t want to leave your home? Call to schedule your vehicle pick-up and drop-off service, at no cost to you! Then we will sanitize your car when we bring it back.

2.) What if I’m in an accident? 

We are here for you! We will pick up your vehicle at no cost to you! Add 801-894-9040 to your contacts in your phone. In the event of an accident or incident simply give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest! 

3.) Will Clegg still be open to service or repair my vehicle? 

Yes! During this period of heightened awareness we have taken extra precautions on top of our regular protocols in order to provide additional safety for our customers and our team. Know that we’re right beside you in this fight to not only prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but to help keep you and your loved ones safe out on the open road.


 Your Clegg Auto Family