This year, March 1st is the first day of spring Break for all of you college students out there. So this months adventure guide with things to do in Utah in March, was created with you in mind! So what are we waiting for? Let’s give you that list!

Your Weekend Adventure Guide – March 2021!

Private Wild Horse Photo Safari!

No matter your photography level, this one is sure to be a memorable experience! Your fee includes a private session for up tp 3 people. Receive one on one photography instructions to improve your technical skills with wildlife photography. “Achieving beautiful wildlife photographs is about more than just being in the right place at the right time, it’s about seeing the possibilities of the scene unfolding in front of you through the lens. Please feel free to bring your preferred camera body, lens and tripod/monopod combinations but all external light sources and drones must be left at home.” Scheduling and tickets are available HERE!

Skinny Tire Festival 2021!

The 20th anniversary of the Skinny Tire Festival is on March 13th-16th. You have your choice of registering for the 2 day event or the 4 day event, and part of the proceeds go to Moab’s cancer research center. Space is limited so register now! Click HERE!

Salt Lake City’s Haunted Old Town Tour

Experience Salt Lake City’s Haunted Old Town Tour! This 90 minute adventure is for ages 12 and older, because you will get to hear some of Salt Lakes most terrifying legends and try out their ghost hunting equipment! For tickets, click HERE!

Snowmobiling at Bear Lake!

When people think of going to Bear Lake, it’s usually to play in the water during the summer months. But a fun thing to do in Utah in March is definitely experiencing Bear Lake in the winter and take off on a snowmobile adventure with your family, along hundreds of miles of the famous “Bridgerland” trail system.  Snowmobile rentals are available HERE!

Tandem Paramotoring Over The Great Salt Lake!

Another fun thing to do in Utah in March is a unique version of flying. Imagine flying low like a helicopter, high like an airplane, and fast like a skydiver. Welcome to the world of Powered Paragliding. Their expert pilots will guide you through the terrain and ecology of the Great Salt Lake. So all you need to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride! You will explore the Great Salt Lake by Powered Paraglider. You will be positioned front and center on our power paragliding aircraft built for the Salt Flats and enjoy low flying over the salt flats and high flying over the water. Take in this beautiful landscape in the most non-invasive method possible. Scheduling and tickets are available HERE!

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