Some of our favorite things to do in Utah in July would be going to all of the city celebrations, parades and of course, car shows! But since those are more obvious things to do, here’s a list of things to do in Utah that are more unique!

Paramotoring Over The Great Salt Lake!

Experience an unforgettable Paramotoring Adventure over Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Experience some of the best views that Utah has to offer, from a whole new perspective! For more information and reservations, click HERE!

A Unique Horseback Adventure!

Escape the crowds and saddle up on an exclusive Horseback adventure, and discover natural springs, Hidden Cave Lakes, Seeping Red Rock Walls, and more! “Known for its seemingly unlimited supply of natural water springs, Your Cave Lakes Canyon Trail Ride starts in the lush meadows and meanders along 300 ft red rock canyon walls into hidden lakes carved deep into the rock. You will experience Cave Lakes Canyon just like the early explorers. Untouched and unrivaled.” For registration and more information, click HERE!

Moab’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours!

Cool off in the water with Moab’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tours, while experiencing Utah’s red rocks in a whole new way! Even if you’ve never been on a paddle board before, the instructors will teach you how to use one. For registration and more information, click HERE!

Mt. Timpanogos Cave Tours!

Enjoy a family hike on Mt Timpanogos and take the Timpanogos Cave Tours. Even if it’s 100 degrees outside, inside the cave it’s a steady 45 degrees, so remember to take a light jacket or sweater with you! For more information and tickets, click HERE!

BobSledding At Utah’s Olympic Park!

Generate 3 times the force of gravity doing the summer BobSled Experience, at Utah’s Olympic Park! For more information and reservations, click HERE!

Hike The Brighton Lakes Trio!

Hike Lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine (Brighton Lakes) in Big Cottonwood Canyon! This trail is a local favorite because you can make it as hard or as easy as you want it to be! You can stop at the first lake which is only 1 mile from the parking lot, or you can go to the top of one or more of the 5 peaks that are surrounding the lakes for an added challenge. It is 3.5 miles round trip just to reach all 3 of the lakes without ascending any of the peaks. For more information on how to get there, click HERE!


Create a handmade gift for yourself or a loved one by experiencing metalsmithing! No artistic talent is required. For more information and registration, click HERE!

Antelope Island Tour via Electric Scooter!

Did you know that you can tour Antelope Island on an electric scooter and see wild buffalo, antelope, over 300 species of birds while enjoying some amazing views of the Great Salt Lake? Go check it out for yourself! For more information and reservations, click HERE!

It’s a $10,000 Treasure Hunt!

Participate in a $10,000 Treasure Hunt! If you haven’t heard about it yet, the treasure has not been found! Plus there’s a photo contest to submit pictures while you’re out searching! Remember, it’s somewhere you can get to safely, so please stay safe out there! For more information and to sign up for weekly clues, click HERE!

Tag @cleggauto in your photos for a chance to be featured! Let’s get outside and make memories! Remember to follow the links to check for any restrictions or date changes, due to weather or COVID-19.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Stubbs