September marks the end of Summer and the beginning of all things pumpkin spice! So to squeeze in a little bit more summer, we’ve compiled a list of things to do in Utah in September, that’s sure to put a smile on your face! Without further delay, here it is, just in time for Labor Day Weekend!

Kings Peak is the highest peak in Utah!

With the summit at an elevation of 13,527 feet, this hike is sure to please the die hard adventurers out there! Kings peak trail starts at the Henrys Fork trailhead and passes near Henrys Fork Lake. Because of its elevation, September is the last month to attempt the summit. For more information and to see a map, click HERE!

Go Stargazing or Photograph the Milky Way in Utah! 

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to get a great shot of the Milky Way over the Red Rocks in Utah!  For plenty of Dark Sky locations and tips, click HERE!

Take your family on a trip to Fantasy Canyon!

Fantasy Canyon used to be what would have been the East Shore line of Lake Uinta. Even though the area is both pet and kid friendly, the 38-50 million year old land formations are fragile and cannot be climbed on. But we have to admit that walking around them is pretty amazing all on its own! For more information and directions, click HERE!

Go Fishing at Amethyst Lake!

Located in Utah’s High Uinta Wilderness, the crystal clear creeks and lakes up there are mesmerizing! The lake is accessible on I-80 from Salt Lake City, to Evanston, Utah. So for more information and a map, click HERE!

Nestled in the heart of the Red Rocks are the Capitol Reef Orchards

While you’re at the orchards, you’re allowed to pick the ripe fruit! The park will even provide you with a ladder to reach the higher fruit. For a fun road trip with the family, and for more information, click HERE!

A Sunset Tour of Moab!

Offering even more things to do in Utah in September is Veteran owned and operated Big Iron Tour Co! They offer the perfect Sunset Tour to wrap up your day! While exploring Moab’s red rocks, you will also end up at a location where the sunset can be fully appreciated! For more information and booking, click HERE!

Take your family on a 4X4 tour of Island In The Sky!

Navtec Expeditions, with a jam packed adventure that ends at the top of Island in the sky. For more information and reservations, click HERE!

*Tag @cleggauto in your photos for a chance to be featured! Let’s get outside and make memories! Remember to follow the links to check for any restrictions or date changes, due to weather or COVID-19.